Brooke Thorn ceramic tableware is hand made in her North Melbourne studio. She works with elegant, paired back shapes and overlapping, textural glazes.

Brooke believes that the objects you use in your everyday life should reflect and celebrate your own unique taste. Your table is at the centre of your home, and your everyday tableware should be as rich and textured as the food you eat from it.

With 10 years of experience in high-end, boutique interior design – working on some of Melbourne’s most popular hospitality venues and high-profile houses - Brooke has a wealth of design experience to draw on. Her ceramic ranges have been designed to complement any home, with a palette of eight gentle colours which allows you to create your own tableware story with your unique personal colour selection.

Brooke’s tableware is designed to be as beautiful and unique as every meal you share with family and friends. She wants her work to be your future heirlooms; to be a part of your family celebrations for many years to come.