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Kayleigh Heydon

Kayleigh is a multidisciplinary artist working from her studio in Brunswick East. Born in Manchester in 1992, Kayleigh graduated with a first class honours in Interactive Arts from the Manchester School of Art and Design in 2014.

Her work has always been drawn to structural forms and light. From metal and glass sculpture work to painting, Kayleigh’s work is often an echo of a time or space once visited. A documentation of her surroundings, she reflects on spaces that give her a sense of balance, often using bold colours and soft shapes.

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Saxon Quinn

Self-taught artist Saxon Quinn explores materiality, juxtaposition of texture and form, and the subtleties of his mixed mediums.

Taking his cues from the street and largely inspired by travels to NYC and other urban metropolises, Saxon’s use of cement as the ground for each work can be seen as a literal interpretation of this urban environment. And his mark-making simulates “the randomly perfect placement of weathered markings and paste ups that form around us on walls, pavements, ceilings and signs.”

Geometric shapes in solid black and white almost fill the canvas in some works and recede to speck-like proportions in others. Shape and line work together to create an urban topography of railway lines, graffitied walls, tiled subways and monolithic structures.

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