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Group Exhibition: Chromatic Retreat

We’re excited to announce our upcoming group exhibition, Chromatic Retreat, showcasing the work of 16 Australian artists exploring their practice within the limits of a largely achromatic palette. 

6 – 8pm, Thursday July 1

Exhibition Dates
July 1 – 13, 2021

Exhibition Partners
Blackhearts & Sparrows

Exhibition Sales
Sales will open at 10am on Thursday June 24 and the catalogue will be available to download shortly.

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As a choice for photographers, black and white has persisted throughout history for its power to convey emotion, character, mood, and emphasise contrast and texture.

The black and white palette is moody, evocative and nostalgic. It is fundamentally abstract. It suggests rather than describes. And it has a long history in art – for reasons that range from the conceptual, to the technical to the spiritual, artists have long experimented with the power of removing colour. Chromatic Retreat is a homage to this tradition.

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