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Exhibition: Eleanor Voterakis, Top 40


We are very excited to announce our upcoming exhibition, Top 40, a collection of original drawings by Melbourne artist Eleanor Voterakis.

3, Top 40, 540px

In 2012, Eleanor posted a daily drawing on Instagram for 150 consecutive days. As she began to gain followers and ‘likes’, it got her thinking about the possibilities for an exhibition.  As Eleanor says, “Anyone familiar with social media knows that it’s all about ‘likes’! Top 40 is the 40 most ‘liked’ drawings.”

Eleanor explained to me that some of her personal favourites, such as the portraits, didn’t make the cut! Eleanor’s Instagram followers “are the ‘instacurators’ of Top 40.”

2, UnnamedEleanor Voterakis with a collection of the objects she drew for the project.

Eleanor’s drawings are mainly of everyday objects rendered quickly in black felt-tipped pen. Drawn on white paper these objects become sparse, minimal and sometimes quirky still lives.

Subject matter includes plant life, objects of clothing and accessories, items that reflect her own pastimes such as balls of wool, paintbrushes and pencils to the more mundane objects like cutlery and milk cartons.

Jelly Mould, one of the Top 40 original drawings by Eleanor Voterakis
Fist, one of the Top 40 original drawings by Eleanor Voterakis

Top 40 also has some great sponsors on board. Local start-up Photify (Australian-made, eco-friendly, high quality prints and posters printed from your Instagram and shipped free Australia wide!) and the all-essential opening night drinks are courtesy of Golden Axe Cider.

Hope to see you at the opening. Everyone welcome!

Top 40

Opening 6, 8 pm Thursday 27th June

Exhibition Dates 28th June, 11th July

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