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Exhibition: ‘Home’ featuring 20 contemporary Australian artists

Modern Times is proud to announce their first ever group show, ‘Home’ opening on October 27th. Home showcases the work of 20 contemporary Australian artists exploring the notion of home and what it means to them, featuring Modern Times regulars such as printmaker Ellie Malin and painter Elizabeth Barnett, as well as guests including current Archibald finalist Yvette Coppersmith and Geelong Contemporary Art Prize finalist Jonathan Crowther.

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“The concept of home means different things to different people, it can be positive or negative, literal or spiritual and the works in Home highlight this breadth of interpretation,” explains Modern Times director, Amy Malin. “From the self-conscious display of convenience foods depicted in ‘Packaged Good’ by Sandra Eterovic, to the overwhelming pile of toys rendered in laborious detail by Eleanor Voterakis in ‘Work. Life. Balance’ how the artists have translated the theme is really fascinating.”

In Esther Olssen’s work ‘Never Home Girl’, Esther explores a version of home that extends beyond her four walls. Esther explains, “Being just 23, I spend a lot of time not at home so my work reflects the locations I spend my time, the streets I walk along and how important a sense of community is for me to feel at home.”

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Amy and Joel Malin, owners of Modern Times have always said, “We want people to feel at home at Modern Times.”  This show is a reflection of that philosophy and a culmination of years of nurturing artists and their passion to show
contemporary art with substance and integrity in an inviting space.


Join Amy, Joel and the Modern Times team at the opening of Home for a celebratory drink kindly supplied by Carlei wines, Daylesford Brewery and Capi.


Opening 6-8pm, Thursday 27 October 2016.

RSVP to [email protected]

Exhibition Dates: 27 October – 10 November 2016

Modern Times – 311 Smith Street, Fitzroy

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Request a catalogue: [email protected]

For media enquiries contact: [email protected] or +61 9913 8598

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