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re:coquo - An Exhibition for Melbourne Design Week

We’re proud to present our exhibition for Melbourne Design Week 2021 – re:coquo – an exhibition featuring new work by 10 Australian creatives spanning fine art and object design disciplines. 

6 – 8pm, Thursday March 25

Exhibition Dates
March 25 – April 1 2021

Exhibition Partners
Blackhearts & Sparrows

Exhibition Sales
Sales will open on March 25 and works will be available online or in store.

This event is part of Melbourne Design Week 2021, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV.

Luca Lettieri

Recoquo is latin for remodel, readjust, alter, recast, change. Coquo means to cook. Expanding on the broader Design Week theme of ‘Design the world you want’, re:coquo participants were invited to examine existing work, material or unresolved ideas and revisit the broken, forgotten or discarded with the aim of creating something anew.

Nicole Lawrence
'15:3 Lamp' + '18:3 Lamp' + '29:5 Lamp'
Lucas Wearne (Neighbourhood Studio)
'Chair I' + 'Chair II'

The various works in re:coquo use both literal and symbolic means as a vehicle for exploring this theme. On one hand re:coquo is a simple reminder in our high-consumption, high-waste society, to consider what value lies within the existing before throwing things away or employing virgin materials.

On the other hand, the works in re:coquo prompt lesser-contemplated questions: which valuable and important ideas are discarded when faced with a time-pressured, results-driven environment? Or how can we serve ourselves and society by embracing deeper contemplation and a slower pace of life? 

How can we serve ourselves and society by embracing deeper contemplation and a slower pace of life? ”
Zachary Frankel
'Crinkle Lamp'
re:coquo will exhibit at Modern Times from March 25 - April 1.

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