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Exhibition: Hidden Narrative, Christopher Jewitt

While our exhibitions have taken on a new light throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re delighted to announce that Christopher Jewitt‘s show – Hidden Narrative – will exhibit online and in our Fitzroy showroom and gallery from August 6 – 18.

While we are unable to welcome you into the showroom, the exhibition is hanging. So if you live within 5kms then please head past Modern Times during your daily bout of exercise to view the show; it makes an impact, even from the street!

The catalogue is available to download and works are now available to purchase online or via phone or email.

Exhibition Dates
August 6 – 18 2020

Exhibition Partners
Blackhearts and Sparrows
Sample Brew

Modern Times Gallery
311 Smith St,
Fitzroy VIC 3065

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On first impressions, Christopher Jewitt’s work is big and positively bursting with energy. Every inch of the canvas is embellished with a dazzling tapestry of spontaneous, loopy dashes, lines and dots painted in oil, acrylic and acrylic markers. The natural canvas ground pulses with pastel pinks, mauve and ocean greens, highlighted with lipstick red, sunflower yellow and cornflower blue.

Jewitt describes his subject matter as “people, places and objects, focused on the inner state of emotion and subjectivity towards the experienced world”. His ‘chaotic image construction’ invites endless wanderings of the eye to take in every detail and discover hidden structures and meaning within each work.

Jewitt’s work is endlessly intriguing and there’s an incredible energy to it, it’s fun and positive, like a big party right there in the room with you. ”
— Amy Malin

The intense spontaneity and energetic mark-making is akin to 1940s and 1950s Abstract Expressionism, however the positivity and fun imbued by Jewitt’s bright palette and bouncy line work set him apart from his melancholy predecessors.

The scope of these works explores a variety of colour palettes and compositions, some in great juxtaposition and others in playful harmony. And on show amongst this variety of paintings is Jewitt’s largest work to date.

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