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A guest showing by artist Yvette Coppersmith


The stars have perfectly aligned and the wind has blown in just the right direction to bring you a very special collection. We are thrilled to present a guest showing of works by the highly accomplished and current Archibald finalist, Yvette Coppersmith.


Yvette Coppersmith completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at VCA in 2001 and has since been a finalist in many prestigious awards including the Archibald three times including 2016 with her self portrait. Kicking off her career she won the Metro Art Award in 2003 taking out the award against runner up, Ben Quilty !


Yvette is well known for her portraiture but over the years her practice has spanned realistic portraiture, performance art and more recently experimenting with styles from expressionism to cubism interpreted through Yvette’s own contemporary lens.  BEERS London – the UK gallery where she is currently part of a show, described her work ‘being firmly rooted in the domestic, Coppersmith’s works often portray their subjects as sharp and angular, with bold shapes and lines being indicative of a refined yet still deeply experimental practise.’


This guest showing presents works from Yvette’s personal collection that span the last 2.5 years where her Modernist influences have come to the fore through explorations of contemporary still life inspired by the great Italian painter Morandi, Matisse/Picasso inspired nudes and rich abstract studies of colour and texture.

“My paintings are made to be lived with, they are born in the sanctuary of the domestic environment. It’s wonderful to exhibit in a place where the art of the domestic is at the core.”

These works will be available for a limited time at Modern Times. Works go on show in store and online Monday. Consider adding one to your collection or just drop by and appreciate them.

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