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Art Gives, Interview Series: Sarah Kelk

Thank you so much to local Melbourne artist Sarah Kelk who took the time to be interviewed about the importance of art in her life and how she became an collector early in life.

What is your most treasured piece of art or design object?

I have a large original painting by New Zealand artist Simon Morrison-Deaker

Sarah in her home studio.
Photography by Martina Gemmola for Hunting For George. 

When and how did it come into your possession?

My Mum and Dad gave me this piece for my 21st birthday

What has this piece given you in terms of enrichment, enjoyment, and fulfilment?

I love that this piece was something I chose when I was 21, it reminds me of my 21 year old self as well as growing up in New Zealand.

Studio Details.
Photography by Martina Gemmola for Hunting For George. 

How does it make you feel when you admire at it, and why does it stir this emotion?

My Mum and Dad always encouraged me to not only create my own work when I was younger, but also to collect artwork from other artists (whether they were established or not).

This piece reminds me to keep collecting pieces that pull at my heart strings!

What piece of art or design object from Modern Times are you wishing for this Christmas?

I’ve had my eye on the new sculptures by Mark Alsweiler, so good!

Tell us a bit about your background. I.e. where did you grow up, what did you originally study?

I have both a Design and also Art History degree, which I studied in beautiful New Zealand, where I grew up. I loved learning about being creative from different angles, especially with the methodical approach to which design often takes. I was lucky enough to have had some influential lecturers and tutors whilst studying, who still make an impact on my work today.

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EVENT: Live Window Painting This Saturday

Visit us this Saturday as our store window becomes Sarah’s canvas. Meet Sarah and see her fluid and expressive process in action. A unique opportunity to stand side-by-side with the artist and connect with her expressive and colourful approach as it unfolds.

Saturday December 10th | 10am, 2pm

Studio Details.
Photography by Martina Gemmola for Hunting For George. 

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