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Day #2 Milan Design Week

Day #2 of Milan Design Week and we are still warming up, taking in all the sights and sounds of this amazing display.

We spent most of the day around the Brera Design District.  Long a centre of artistic expression and design – during Design Week they take it to a whole new level with over 90 events all within a few city blocks.

The streets were heaving with design types from all over the globe, with the smell of coffee and pizza in the air, what an atmosphere!

From big name brands to things a little more indie, here is a snapshot of some of the things to be seen around Brera this year.

1, Patricia Urquiola Revolving RoomRevolving Room Installation for Kvadrat and Patricia Urquiola. Moroso chair, designed by Patricia Urquiola in her new range of Kvadrat fabric.

Kvadrat fabrics launched a collaborative collection with Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola.  Kvadrat make some of the worlds best upholstery fabrics and being based in Denmark are a popular choice for Danish furniture.

It wasn’t so much that the furniture or fabrics impressed but more so the set-up and installation design. The room was lined with tall panels that slowly rotated to give the room a new colour and feel every few seconds. I also loved the still life set up in the centre of the room (pictured above).

2, MissoniMissoni Home, “Zigzagging”, Milan Design Week

Missoni made no small play on their zigzag motif with a huge walk-in sound and light installation. It was experiential and quite 60’s psychedelic but I couldn’t help feeling that I was walking into an empty nightclub.

3, Lee Brooms Crystal Light BulbLee Broom’s Crystal Light Bulb, Milan Design Week

One of the highlights was Lee Brooms Crystal Light Bulb Shop. A cute little general store style display set up to sell this one design by leading young British Designer Lee Broom. Loved the set-up, loved the product!

Next it was on to EDIT by designjunction. Designjunction is a big event during the London Design Festival and EDIT sees a selection of the best transported to Milan.

4, New Works

It was a great balance between commercial and creative, the music was loud and there was a huge bar. We chatted to the agents and designers there and got very inspired and excited!

6, Scandi Modus

The Scandi element was strong with many Danish designers represented. Amongst the rest, a strong Scandinavian influence was plainly visible.

The cute and cool award goes to British brand ALL LOVELY STUFF with their small timber items for the home. Practical and beautifully made, with a humorous twist. We’d think it would fit Modern Times to a tee!

7, Bees Nees

This is BEES NEES, just a tiny 3.5cm x 3.5cm, they are houses for solitary bees!! Seriously!

“…these bee houses are ideal for encouraging solitary bees into your garden to pollenate trees and flowers. These bees very rarely sting so make ideal pets”

You just never know what you are going to see next in Milan!

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