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Ellie Malin, Moonflower Opening Night Snaps

Thank you to everyone who popped along last Thursday night 21 November for the opening of Ellie Malin’s exhibition, Moonflower. It was great to relax and have a drink after all the organising and planning which goes into an exhibition. I’m sure Ellie felt the same after working on this impressive new series for months!

Did you get snapped at the opening?

1, IMG_2668

2, DSCF8282

3, IMG_2806

4, DSCF8198

5, DSCF8256

6, IMG_2916

7, DSCF8302

8, IMG_2928

9, DSCF8271

10, IMG_2731

11, IMG_2918

12, IMG_2818

13, IMG_2846

14, DSCF8321

15, IMG_2786

16, IMG_2908

17, IMG_2922

18, IMG_2924

19, IMG_2738

20, IMG_2934

Not here? See our Facebook page for the full collection of opening night photos.

21, IMG_2940

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