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Opening Night Gallery: A Flower in the Pocket, Stacey Rees

Stacey Rees holds a special place in the Modern Times family’s heart! So it was an absolute pleasure to celebrate her latest body of work in our Fitzroy showroom and gallery last week.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, and as always, to our fabulous exhibition partners Sample Brew and Blackhearts & Sparrows for helping kick things off with their delicious drops.

‘A Flower in the Pocket’ will exhibit until September 8; don’t miss your chance to see this body of work. Read more about the exhibition and download the catalogue here.

Staceyrees 10

Staceyrees 11

Staceyrees 12

Staceyrees 9

Staceyrees 31

Staceyrees 30

Staceyrees 29

Staceyrees 28

Staceyrees 27

Staceyrees 26

Staceyrees 25

Staceyrees 24

Staceyrees 23

Staceyrees 22

Staceyrees 21

Staceyrees 44

Staceyrees 43

Staceyrees 42

Staceyrees 41

Staceyrees 40

Staceyrees 39

Staceyrees 38

Staceyrees 37

Staceyrees 36

Staceyrees 34

Staceyrees 33

Staceyrees 4

Staceyrees 5

Staceyrees 42

Staceyrees 20

Staceyrees 19

Staceyrees 18

Staceyrees 17

Photography by Elise Scott.

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