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In The Gallery: Hidden Narrative by Christopher Jewitt

It’s bittersweet given the events of 2020 but our gallery has never looked so polished thanks to the vibrant work of Christopher Jewitt!

Hidden Narrative is hanging in the gallery space and the energy radiating from these works is palpable. We hope these wonderful shots captured by Elise Scott give you a sense of what this body of work is all about.

You can read our chat with Chris on the journal and browse and shop the exhibition here. And while we are currently closed, we can still help with queries; feel free to email us at [email protected] or make a booking for a video consultation.

Christopherjewitt 1

Christopherjewitt 3

Christopherjewitt 5

Christopherjewitt 7

Christopherjewitt 9

Christopherjewitt 11

Christopherjewitt 13

Christopherjewitt 15

Christopherjewitt 17

Christopherjewitt 2

Christopherjewitt 4

Christopherjewitt 6

Christopherjewitt 8

Christopherjewitt 10

Christopherjewitt 12

Christopherjewitt 14

Christopherjewitt 16

Photography by Elise Scott Photography.

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