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Interview Eleanor Voterakis

In 2012 Eleanor started a daily drawing project with the intention of becoming more motivated and focused on her art practice. She posted the sketches on Instagram daily so her friends and family could share in the process.

As she continued to post her daily drawings she began to gain more followers and ‘likes’.  She noticed how certain drawings would be so popular and how her personal favourites did not always reflect the taste of her followers.

Eleanor got thinking about this reflection of taste and the possibility of ‘instacurating’ an exhibition of these daily drawings according to their popularity. Top 40 is that show.


Number 1! Origami Rabbit


Number 2. Big Leaf


Number 3. Puppet

With the exhibition opening tonight, we are all getting a bit excited. Yesterday after hanging the exhibition (looks great by the way) I caught up with Eleanor and asked her a few questions about the show…

Why do you choose the particular subjects of your drawings?

Partly because they are mostly things that I own, so they are readily accessible to draw from observation, which is my preferred method. And for this reason, many of the objects are banal, everyday objects…The way they remove themselves from their rather boring contexts when drawn appeals to me.

How has social media has changed things for artists?

Well I think if you put a little bit of time into sharing your work and your practice using something like Instagram then that whole process becomes very rewarding. You can really quickly and easily start a dialogue about and get an audience for your work without necessarily having representation. I think it can also be a really nice way of breaking some the of the isolation of being an artist, and I have heard quite a few artists say things along these lines. Personally, during the daily drawing project Instagram was a really positive motivator because I knew there were a few followers there waiting for each drawing.

Do you foresee any more projects using social media?

Yes, nothing is exactly formulated yet but I’m really interested in how ‘Top 40’ is a little reflection of the public’s taste and social media is such a quick way to gauge an opinion or find out what is ‘liked’ …so I want to keep working with that idea.

Of the 150 drawings, what is your personal favourite?

My favourite….well, people that know me know that I have lots of favourites. Many of my favourites didn’t quite make it into the  top 40…one I really like is of a bread twist-tie thingy. It’s just so cute and banal at the same time. I did put it in the exhibition even though it didn’t make the cut for the Top 40…it’s part of the ‘Artist’s Edit’ section.

MEET ELEANOR AND CHECK OUT THIS COOL EXHIBITION AT THE OPENING TONIGHT (THURS 27 JUNE) 6-8PMYou can also read the last post I wrote for more info on Eleanor and her Top 40 exhibition.


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