Introducing: Jade Sibinovski

We couldn’t be more excited about our 2018 exhibition calendar. We will be bringing you new work from some of your favourite Modern Times artists as well as a brilliant collection of new Australian artists. To introduce you to our new talent we will be presenting a new journal series giving you the opportunity to learn about the inspirations, practice and process behind each artist.

We are thrilled to introduce you to the work of one of our newest artists, Jade Sibinovksi. A recent honours graduate of the National Art School, we have been watching Jade’s work develop with a keen eye and are very excited to welcome her and showcase her incredibly dynamic practice.

Jade is particular when it comes to colour in her considered and precise paintings, the compositions of which are born from paper collage. Although she identifies as an abstract painter her process consists of a much larger scope of ideas.

Studies on paper in Jade's studio.
My work is based on chance. Collage play leads to happy accidents, this is a heavy influence of Surrealism, working from the subconscious.”
— Jade Sibinovski
Work in progress - 'Every Colour You Are' original painting by Jade Sibinovski.

Looking at colour and form as the foundations for her work, she petitions the ideas of simplicity and complexity within the confines of the canvas.  Simplicity of colour and the complexity of shape and layers ultimately determine the direction and intention of the work. “I’m fascinated by shapes, they are a wonderful vehicle for colour,” she tells us.

Fragile studies on book pages, acrylic on paper 650 x 550mm.
Playing with colours and shapes in the studio.

Referencing aspects of her college practice, the paintings convey a sense of uniformity and playfulness.  The wondrous final compositions lend themselves to aesthetic appeal and a sense of calm.

Part of Jade’s process includes the element of chance, when creating shapes the free flow of ideas is constricted entirely by the movement of scissors through paper. The satisfying cuts, turns, rips and folds contribute to the final shapes.

Jade has developed a large collection of colours over the years through colour mixing in her studio.

In its truest sense, these paintings inspire one’s inner workings, creating a field of vision that may not always be apparent. We are looking forward to seeing Jade’s work in our upcoming group exhibition (watch this space!), in the meantime we are delighted to have several of Jade’s works available in our showroom and online store.

Colour explosion in Jade's studio.

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