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Mid-Century and Sunshine

It seems that against my best intentions of being a constant and regular blogger, I actually fit more into the category of intermittent and slack blogger. I guess it’s not too late to change my ways! In Melbourne the season is changing and we are getting a very welcome dose of sunny days. As we are plotting and planning our next pop-up for December, I find the sunshine so uplifting, an inspiring force! I am pretty damn excited about our upcoming shop and the details will be revealed soon (as soon as we work them out!) In the meantime, I thought I’d post some inspiring images of sunny mid-century style.


Photo by RetroLand U.S.A Was it more fun in the sun during the 1950’s? It looks like it! I guess no one bothered to worry about their skin back then either…

1965 Dahl House: Indoor Pool Area

Photo by JoeInSouthernCA It would feel like summer all year round with this awesome indoor pool that pops with colour.



Photo by allerleirau Summer is on its way, along with all the great things that come with summer, like days at the beach, balmy evening drinking sessions, Christmas partys and holidays. Modern Times will also pop up again in Summer, so its all a lot to look forward to!

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