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Modern Times Supports The Torch

Have you heard of The Torch? The Torch is an incredible locally-based organisation supporting Indigenous men and women both in prisons and post-release in Victoria to explore their Indigenous culture and identity through practising art.

The Torch quotes, “By embracing participants as artists rather than ex-offenders The Torch provides an avenue for change.” We are so inspired by their work and the stories of their artists.

Pictured: Casey Pepper Kowern, 'The Echidna', 2020

We are delighted to share their upcoming exhibition, Confined 12. Opening May 13 at the Glen Eira Town Hall Gallery, this exhibition features 350 artworks by 320 Indigenous artists currently in or recently released from prisons in Victoria. Confined is an annual exhibition, and this year’s instalment, exhibiting until June 6, is the third and largest to date. All works will be available for purchase from the gallery and online, with 100% of sales going to the artist.

By embracing program participants as artists rather than offenders, The Torch provides an avenue to change.”
— The Torch

Not only does the program assist artists financially, but it also allows artists to reconnect with their culture, build new relationships and pursue educational and creative industry avenues. As The Torch explains, it is an important part of the rehabilitation process and offers stability and pathways to participants.

Pictured: Zac, 'Overseeing Bunjil', 2020

We are honoured to support The Torch and feel proud to have just made our first donation (over $3000), and are pleased to also announce that from now on, $5 from every Modern Times Edition Print sale will be donated to The Torch.

Click here to find out more about The Torch and their artists, and show your support by visiting the Confined 12 exhibition and supporting their artists.

Pictured: Leroy McLaughlin, 'Black Cockatoos on Country', 2020

First image credit: Robby Wirramanda, ‘Walpa Winaka (To Burn & Leave) #3’ (detail), 2021

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