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My Ritual: Kayleigh Heydon

Behind the doors of an artist’s studio, and buried deep within a finished piece, lies an incredibly unique and personal process. This process is often filled with various rituals – both significant and subtle – that help to gently set the mood, or encourage that first brush stroke on a blank canvas. With this fascinating concept in mind, we invited a selection of artists to create a work, or series of works, that spoke to their own rituals, for our current group exhibition, Ritual Practice.

We’re delighted to share the next instalment of our My Ritual series, from Melbourne artist Kayleigh Heydon. Kayleigh’s paintings have a distinct sense of energy; she fills the canvas with a rich tapestry of shape and colour, and her three artworks created for Ritual Practice, are no exception.


Two of Kayleigh's lively paintings, 'The Morning Had Flowers in Her Hair' (bottom left) and 'It Goes Both Ways' (third from right), hanging in our recent group exhibition, 'Ritual Practice'.

1) Tell us about a ritual that is part of your daily life – be it connected to society, community or self.

Walking my dog Bobby is probably the most important part of my day. Although there are other small things linked to my practice and my day, this ritual gives me space in a very simple and free way. Connecting with my dog, some fresh air and walking without a destination in mind.

Connecting with my dog, some fresh air and walking without a destination in mind gives me space in a very simple and free way.”
— Kayleigh Heydon
Kayleigh's dog Bobby is a big part of her life, and their walks together is something she cherishes. Walking helps her to work through emotions and creative blocks after a long day at work.

2) What does this ritual mean to you?

This ritual allows me to process and work through emotions, problems and creative blocks, and collect myself after a long day at work. Getting fresh air and spending time with my dog is also a plus; I think it’s good for my – and Bobby’s – mental health.

'Ritual Practice' featured the work of 30 artists and exhibited in the Modern Times gallery in December 2019.

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