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Nik Hanton for Radiant Pavillion

We are hosting Nik Hanton’s Climate of Thought as part of Melbourne’s Contemporary Jewellery and Object Biennial Radiant Pavillion.

In the series, Climate of Thought, Nik Hanton has created works which operate within the tenets of mid-century Modernism.


Nik Hanton, 
Displacement, 2017, 
130 x 360 x 15 mm, 
Wood, textile, paint,
Photo: Nik Hanton

The underlying principles of her approach is an emphasis on clarity and order, limited visual distractions, and abstraction of the concept.

You can check Nik’s work out in our window 26 August, 3 September 2017

1, radiant_pavilion_2017-lr

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