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Peaches + Keen, Botanical Calamity Opening Night

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us for the opening night of Peaches + Keen ‘Botanical Calamity’. There was a fantastic turn out and Lucy and Lily from P+K were all smiles. The floral arrangements kindly donated by Phil from Katie Marx Flowers looked stunning (we highly recommend you check out his instagram afloralfrenzy) and the artwork and atmosphere left everyone gleaming. If you didn’t manage to make it you must come in and view their new works which will be up until Sunday the 6th of April.

The photos from the night below:

6, Peaches and Keen-4

2, Peaches and Keen-1

8, Peaches and Keen-9

7, Peaches and Keen-7

1, Peaches and Keen-1-2

3, Peaches and Keen-3

5, Peaches and Keen-6

4, Peaches and Keen-5

9, Peaches and Keen-11

10, Peaches and Keen-8

11, Peaches and Keen-10

12, Peaches and Keen-13

13, Peaches and Keen-12

14, Peaches and Keen-15

15, Peaches and Keen-14

16, Peaches and Keen-16

17, Peaches and Keen-17

19, Peaches and Keen-18

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