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Top 4 with Sharon Muir

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A collection of Sharon Muir’s ceramic art on an Italian Desk. Rug by Pampa, artwork Christopher Wool, Danish armchair. All available at Modern Times.

Sharon Muir’s stunning ceramics have had a special place at Modern Times for some time now and we keep falling more and more in love!

Known for her distinctive work with red and white clay and her ceramic collage, each piece makes a statement on its own and and looks even better in a collection of your favourite pieces!

A graduate of RMIT, Sharon has a Masters of Fine Arts (high distinction!) and her skill and creativity speaks loudly in her ceramic art, which she has proudly exhibited both Internationally and within Australia.

We are humbled to be her sole stockist in Victoria and love seeing her hand dishes and geometric planters nestled amongst our Danish sofas or atop detailed Italian desks.


L-R: Arch Point Atomic Planter, Mini Mona Dish and Cleopatra Eye Dish. All available at Modern Times.

We chatted recently with Sharon about her signature style and she even revealed which treasured pieces she keeps at home!

How would you describe your style? 

My husband, an art history adademic, calls it ‘modern archaic’. I would describe it as graphic, streamlined and neatly crafted. I have always admired the gestural organic style of ceramics but I’ve never been able to produce it.

What are your major influences that come together to create this style? 

If I had to narrow it down, I would say the palette comes from ancient Greek and South American pottery while the forms are inspired by modernist and vintage shapes. But I really find inspiration everywhere- I have recently been looking at road markings and thinking what nice abstract shapes they are.

What are your top 4 pieces (personal favourites!)?

I don’t really have any favourites but there are pieces that I have at home, so I must like them a little more than the others. I have a black and white pebble pot, two black and white saucer vases, a hand dish and a bullet vase. And a black and white lamp prototype that’s based on one of the vases. The lamp is the piece that excited me the most. It’s not in production yet even thought I’ve been working on lamps since last year!


L-R: Hand Dish, Pebble UFO Vase. Both by Sharon Muir, available at Modern Times.


L-R: Pebble Pot, Bullet Vase. Both by Sharon Muir, available at Modern Times.

Tell us a little story about yourself…. 

When I left school I wanted to be a Graphic Designer. I’m glad I’m not a Graphic Designer. I’m much better at making pots!

We are quite sure you would have made a great Graphic Designer, but we are pretty happy you turned your talented hands to ceramics! Can’t wait to see those lamps!

Pick your own favourite to start your Sharon Muir collection from our online store, or come and see our shelves filled with Sharon’s work in our lovely shop!

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