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Top 40 Opening Night

Thanks to everyone for coming along to the opening of Top 40. It was a really successful night and I think everyone would agree, a great show. The Golden Axe Cider went down a treat too!

For us, it was exciting to host our first exhibition and the success of the night was very encouraging.

Here are some pics of the night….

1, Unnamed

2, Unnamed

3, Unnamed

4, Unnamed

6, Unnamed

7, Unnamed

9, Unnamed

8, Unnamed


10, Unnamed

11, Unnamed

12, Unnamed

13, Unnamed

14, Unnamed

15, Unnamed

16, Unnamed

17, Unnamed

18, Unnamed

19, Unnamed

20, Unnamed

21, Unnamed

22, Unnamed

23, Unnamed

24, Unnamed

5, Unnamed

25, Unnamed

26, Unnamed

27, Unnamed

28, Unnamed

Thanks guys. See you at the next show! See our Facebook page for even more pics of the night.

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