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Winter Light, Access All Eras

1, Rosewood_34_Blog_2Photography by Brooke Hom. Styled by us!

We love to collect and bring together pieces from different countries and design era’s. This scene from our current Winter Light campaign epitomises this aesthetic with pieces ranging from the atomic style of a 1950s Louis Kalff lamp to the sharp lines of the 80s in the FM60 Cube lounge chair by Dutch designer Raboud van Beekum all softened with the warm hues and organic material of a Danish Gunni Omann sideboard.

All the pieces we collect have fascinating stories and histories…read on to get the back story on a few featured here!

Matteo Grassi Arm Chair

5, Grassi_blog

Matteo Grassi is an Italian company with rich heritage. Their craft centred approach has it’s origins in their beginnings as a saddlery company.

This sophisticated lounge chair from the late 1970’s utilises innovative construction with its leather covered frame and balances the strong square design with subtle stitching and seaming details.  See their video to fully appreciate Matteo Grassi’s amazing attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Cubic FM60 Armchair by Raboud van Beekum for Pastoe

4, FM60_blog

Striking and sculptural! What an amazing statement chair that is a perfect expression of modern Dutch design aesthetics. Inspired by the Dutch artistic movement De Stijl (think Mondrian and Gerrit Rietvelds Red and Blue Chair) Raboud van Beekum has distilled his FM60 Cubic chair into its essential linear forms –  a cube intersected with the two planes of a chair. The saddle leather used for the seat and back is the perfect material as it follows the linear forms of the chair while providing a comfortable place to recline.

Model ‘Z’ Table Lamp by Louis Kalff for Phillips

2, Rosewood_Blog_3

We are all familiar with the name Phillips, synonymous with all things electrical, but did you know that Phillips brought on an incredibly talented industrial designer in the 1920’s? Louis Kalff guided the company to adopt a more modern and colourful approach to their entire business and worked on numerous design projects including a range of innovative and beautiful lamps Louis Kalff lamps are rare and valuable, sought after for their space age silouhettes and simple design details such as perforation, colour and mix of materials that are all used with restraint and purpose.

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