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White, Yellow, Brown, IV, Original Artwork by Liam Haley


White, Yellow, Brown, IV, Original Artwork by Liam Haley

Original painting by Melbourne based artist Liam Haley, oil on linen, framed in stained Tasmanian oak.

Liam Haley’s work is informed by movements of his body, ideas of place, mark making and particular naturalistic and mental landscapes. His pieces for ‘Ritual Practice’ show an obsession of colour and texture and invite the viewer closer to observe what lies on and beneath the surface. The four works were painted simultaneously with the canvases together, slightly separated or across the studio.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

While painting these works, Haley often found himself viewing the works first thing in the morning with coffee in hand. It was a time to reflect and allow new thoughts and ideas to come to mind. “When it comes down to the first strokes, I will usually let my body take control before my mind.” – Liam Haley

Product Details

H: 610mm
W: 450mm



Liam Haley