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A Restructuring of Thought, Original Artwork by Kate Dambach


A Restructuring of Thought, Original Artwork by Kate Dambach

An original painting by Sydney based artist Kate Dambach, in oil on board, framed.

Kate Dambach paints to find the moment of pause between breaths both peaceful and full of anticipation. These simple yet magical moments hold the wonder of possibility; they are the threshold, the world in slow motion for that split second before it all begins again. She creates work that visualises this invisible moment in time.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“Rituals are a necessity to humans, from celebrated ceremony to daily routines. While the acts might pull us into an absent state of going through the motions, they hold the potential to be experienced as part of the continual contemplation of living. As acts of repetition, they offer a space again and again to notice, to feel, to recognise. My work explores the moments within the repetition and motion of life that we feel a pause, an expanded awareness that lets us appreciate what our rituals big and small offer to our experience of living.” – Kate Dambach

Product Details

H: 330mm
W: 330mm
D: 35mm

Kate Dambach

Oil on Board, framed in Tasmanian Oak