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Balance, Original Painting by Margaret Voterakis


Balance, Original Painting by Margaret Voterakis

About the work:

Balance, Original Painting by Margaret Voterakis.

This piece is part of Utopian Pursuitsa joint exhibition featuring ceramicist Grace Brown and painter Margaret Voterakis. Utopian Pursuits pairs Brown’s labyrinthine architectural sculptures with Voterakis’ still-life paintings which combine geometric forms with more traditional subjects such as fruit, shells and houseware.

For Voterakis, this series is a brave departure. Once predominantly a landscape painter and traditional still-life artist, she describes this new work as process driven and one of inherent mystery. “After a rough outline from a composition I set out in the studio, I am constantly tweaking, changing, adding and editing as though being led by some mysterious process which finally delivers a painting that resonates with me on a subconscious level”.

About the Artist:

Born in Australia, Margaret undertook art studies in Melbourne in the mid-seventies and remains a committed artist who has always preferred to draw and paint from life. Her latest body of works explore and experiment with composition and abstract elements. These playful yet meticulous works are truly captivating.

Artwork Details:

– Oil on Linen
– Framed in Tasmanian Oak

Due to the delicate nature of original artwork, we use a trusted art courier for all art deliveries. However please contact us directly if you would like to discuss other options.

Product Details

H: 505mm
W: 505mm

Margaret Voterakis

Oil on linen, framed in Tasmanian Oak