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Blip II, Original Painting by Diana Miller


Blip II, Original Painting by Diana Miller

An original painting by Byron Bay based artist Diana Miller, mixed media on board, framed in Tasmanian Oak.

Diana Miller approaches painting by deconstructing and re-assembling images and focuses on shape-making through creating, breaking and re-forming elements. Her works are often founded in hours of paper cutting, box folding and collaging which is then reinterpreted and realised in paint.

This original painting is part of Diana’s 2020 Artist in Focus series titled Yellow – An Antidote to Gloom which explores how yellow – the colour of happiness and optimism, inspires curiosity and boosts energy.

“At a time when we have so many worries and things to be negative about, let us not forget the simple pleasures in life and allow them to touch our hearts and spirits,” Diana says.

Product Details

H: 255mm
W: 320mm

Diana Miller