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Blob I, Original Digital Artwork by Mikaela Stafford


Blob I, Original Artwork by Mikaela Stafford, Framed, Edition of 20

About the work:

Blob I, Original Digital Artwork by Mikaela Stafford.

Meeting at the junction between past, present and future, between disciplines, and between ideas, in a time when our digital lives take up most of our reality, Mikaela’s work aims to confront and renegotiate our relationship to the real and the strange. Blob I is a limited edition print of an original digital image modelled and rendered in 3D motion graphic software. Mikaela merges tangible and virtual spaces, sprinkling the impossible with the familiar and demonstrating how odd our realities can be.

“As an artist working in a digital realm I’m not restricted by the physical limitations of materials or access to space as 3D software provides a conceptually and spatially infinite expansion to my existing installation practice. Consequently, enabling me to experiment with scale, immersion and lighting design which would otherwise be impossible in the physical world,” says Mikaela.

About the Artist:

Mikaela Stafford is a motion graphics artist exploring themes of duplexity, abundance and joy aiming to depict the opportunities and challenges of a cyber-physical future. Integrating traditional methods of photography, sculpture and lighting design into her digitally rendered 3D animation and installation practice she creates vibrant and playful work.

Artwork Details:

– Available in a limited edition of 20
– Inkjet Print on Satin Finish Paper
– Available unframed or framed
– Modern Times staff will be in touch with you to discuss framing options once you have placed your order

Please note this piece has a lead time of 2-4 weeks.

Product Details

H: 841mm
W: 594mm

Framed, Unframed

Mikaela Stafford



Inkjet Print on Satin Finish Paper