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Coming Out Of A Moment, Original Artwork by Ro Noonan


Coming Out Of A Moment, Original Artwork by Ro Noonan

Original artwork by Melbourne based artist Ro Noonan in timber, clay, plaster, putty and acrylic.

Ro Noonan is a Melbourne based artist whose practice oscillates between painting and sculpture. He has an innate preoccupation with materials and surface, in particular the excess and the bi-products of construction: cut offs, supports and general debris. Gradual in production, the works are layered with subtle gestures and mark making built up over time.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“There is no particular checklist to complete or foundations to lay before making begins or ends, as ritual is imbedded in my practice. It’s the transit, it’s taking time to slow down, to observe and document. It is stopping to bend down and pick something up to then collect and catalogue it. For me, ritual in relation to my practice has become inherent in the day to day, an obsessive taking in of surrounds, surfaces and materials. Singularly, these actions may lead nowhere but when one continually rolls into the next, ideas form, rituals form and my work forms.” – Ro Noonan

Product Details

H: 380mm
W: 260mm



Ro Noonan