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Cross Current 2, Original Painting by Taj Alexander


Cross Current 2, Original Painting by Taj Alexander

Original painting by Melbourne based artist Taj Alexander (AKA ‘Deams’), pigment and acrylic paint on a canvas-linen blend, mounted on wood.

From his most recent series The Limits Of Control, calling attention to the fragility of idealised ‘perfect systems’ in technology, this work identifies concerns surrounding our dependence on digital systems and how we, as humans, navigate questions of ultimate control and reliability.

This refined new sculptural work from Taj ‘Teams’ Alexander seeks to illuminate the implications of malfunction in the digital-information age through his own complex negotiation with the interrupted image. Exploring abstraction and texture, he allows process to guide the direction, employing his knowledge of the paint medium he instinctively and methodically creates scapes of colour in a unique visual language that is strong and evocative.

Product Details

H: 345mm
W: 250mm
D: 45mm

Taj Alexander (Deams)

Pigment & Acrylic on Canvas-Linen Blend, Mounted on Wood