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Dawn, Original Artwork by Kubota Fumikazu


Dawn, Original Artwork by Kubota Fumikazu, Acrylic on Linen, 420 x 300mm, 2021

About the work:

Dwan, Original Artwork by Kayleigh Heydon.

This piece is part of Radiant Dreams, a group exhibition showcasing the work of more than 50 artists from the Modern Times community. Radiant Dreams invited our artists to unleash their most vibrant work, embracing colour, movement and verve. The resulting works are a buoyant collection reflecting optimism, energy and hope as we emerge from the monotonous routine of lockdown.

‘Dawn’ is a hope for a better tomorrow. I painted this work recently during lockdown. I was looking for optimism, utopian thinking and transcendence through science fiction. Dawn is an acrylic painting on raw linen canvas, featuring navy, pink, aqua green and red. A very dark navy horizontal baseline is the grounding for a fresh new rising of an orb-like figure, the sun, emerging out into a new reality,” Fumikazu says.

“My work takes influence from disparate sources – antique Japanese design, arcade and video games, early 20th century abstraction, and historical colour combinations. In making ‘Dawn’, I had found a composition I was happy with but had to experiment with various colours until I found a selection that instinctively worked. I use golden acrylic paints and canvases that I stretch from Italian raw linen, and the quality of the materials I use are important aspects of my practice. I also paint to a consistent process, taping and layering the paint, and then very gently sanding the canvas with a fine grade to create a smoothness, amongst the earthiness of the linen. I am hoping for a new and better tomorrow for us all.”

About the Artist:

Kubota Fumikazu’s series of compositions are a celebration of materiality of linen, colour and simple forms. Much of his work is informed by a selection of 1970s era wooden children’s building blocks, heavily focusing on the circle and sphere which represent the sun and the dawning of a new day. In this series, Fumikazu has played with exposing and hiding the beautiful raw linen.

Artwork Details:

– Acrylic on Linen

Product Details

H: 420mm
W: 300mm



Kubota Fumikazu

Acrylic on Linen