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Don’t Save, Original Painting by Kubota Fumikazu


Don’t Save, Original Painting by Kubota Fumikazu

Original artwork by Melbourne artist Kubota Fumikazu, in acrylic paint on linen.

Kubota’s new untitled series of compositions are a celebration of materiality of linen, colour and simple forms. Much of his work is informed by a selection of 1970s era wooden children’s building blocks, heavily focusing on the circle and sphere which represent the sun and the dawning of a new day. In this series, Kubota has played with exposing and hiding the beautiful raw linen.

Kubota Fumikazu arrived in Melbourne from Japan in 2003 instantly falling in love with Melbourne’s architecture. His hard-edged, abstract paintings are meticulously applied using a range of colours sourced from vintage Japanese design colour books.

Product Details

H: 610mm
W: 460mm

Kubota Fumikazu

Acrylic on Linen