Elliemalin Dovetail Hero

Dovetail, Original Artwork by Ellie Malin


Dovetail, Original Artwork by Ellie Malin

Original unique state print by Melbourne based artist Ellie Malin framed in Dark Stain Tasmanian Oak.

Working with oil based inks and printed with hand-cut woodblock plates on an etching press, Ellie Malin displays her skill of composition and forms through her work.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“I like to start the day early with a walk, to not only get the kids off to kinder, but also to clear the mind and take in my surroundings. Noticing small pockets of nature amongst the busy morning rush of Richmond. Once I’m in the studio I like to spread out works in progress from previous days, prepare materials, set the printing press and comb through woodblock plates, spread out colour swatches and paints for inspiration and I’ll begin to consider the moves and marks I intend on making that day.

My time in the studio is a separate space to all other life activities. It’s only with a clear mind that I can enter a creative flow (yet at times, I need to start the process to clear the mind). It’s these seemingly insignificant rituals and habits that mark the perimeters of my artistic practice where I can set time aside for making without the interferences of everyday life.” – Ellie Malin

Product Details

H: 570mm
W: 760mm

Ellie Malin