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Fickle Rivers, Original Print by Kayleigh Heydon


Fickle Rivers, Original Print by Kayleigh Heydon, Oil Monotype on Printmaking Paper, Framed in Victorian Ash, 445 x 320mm, 2021

About the work:

Fickle Rivers, Original Print by Kayleigh Heydon.

Kayleigh Heydon is a multidisciplinary artist working from her studio in Melbourne/Naarm. Her work often draws inspiration from her emotional experiences, creating a textural and ever-changing landscape of colour inter-play, soft and bold movements and wild yet harmonious endings.

”The creation of this work came from a willingness to let myself flow, to be carried into work that gives way to true feeling – a relinquishing of control and the expectation to resolve conflict.The collection is a gathering of things both soft and chaotic, hard and beautiful.” Heydon says.

About the Artist:

Manchester born, Melbourne-based, multidisciplinary artist Kayleigh Heydon fills the canvas with a rich tapestry of shape and colour. This lively interaction gives each work its own distinct sense of energy and an unmistakable joie de vivre.

Artwork Details:

– Oil Monotype on Printmaking Paper
– Framed in Victorian Ash
– Artwork Dimensions: 420 x 297mm

Product Details

H: 445mm
W: 320mm

Kayleigh Heydon

Oil Monotype on Printmaking Paper