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Geometric Timepiece II, Ceramic Sculpture by Oh Hey Grace


Geometric Timepiece II, Ceramic Sculpture by Oh Hey Grace

About the work:

Geometric Timepiece II, Ceramic Sculpture by Oh Hey Grace.

This piece is part of Utopian Pursuitsa joint exhibition featuring ceramicist Grace Brown and painter Margaret Voterakis. Utopian Pursuits pairs Brown’s labyrinthine architectural sculptures with Voterakis’ still-life paintings which combine geometric forms with more traditional subjects such as fruit, shells and houseware.

Brown describes her sculptures as “a collection of utopian silhouettes and cityscapes as a response to the often-dystopian reality outside, with inspiration stemming from science fiction, fallen civilisations and imaginary architecture from the painter Minoru Nomata”. She also notes: “an important part of my work is encouraging playful interaction, allowing the viewer to transport themselves to another time, place, or universe”.

About the Artist:

Grace Brown of Oh Hey Grace creates a mix of functional and sculptural pieces using a combination of wheel thrown and hand building techniques. Influenced by geometry, contrasting textures, architectural forms and the work of M.C. Escher, her work is part functional ware and part Utopian cityscapes with labyrinth-like buildings featuring layers of geometric stairwells, sharp lines, smooth adobe domes and archways.

Artwork Details:

– Handbuilt Glazed Ceramic Sculpture

Product Details

H: 250mm
W: 180mm
D: 75mm



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