Christopher Jewitt Heraldry Hero
Christopher Jewitt Heraldry Detail

Heraldry, Original Painting by Christopher Jewitt


Heraldry, Original Painting by Christopher Jewitt, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 1180 x 750mm, 2022

About the work:

Heraldry, Original Painting by Christopher Jewitt.

Christopher Jewitt is a Melbourne based artist, with a background in photojournalism, visual art teaching and carpentry. He is a self-taught artist, describing his subject matter as “people, places and objects, focused on the inner state of emotion and subjectivity towers the experienced world.”

In Jewitt’s work patterns are created, found and lost again. Portraying subject matter in a playful manner between abstract and figurative, his style is reminiscent of childhood notebook doodles and simple scribbles.

About the Artist:

Christopher Jewitt is a multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Melbourne. His paintings express his fixation for everyday objects in a tempest of colour and marks. He draws these objects in layers until his canvases take on a tactile and whimsical appearance, allowing for multiple angles of sense making.

Artwork Details:

– Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
– Framed in Spotted Gum

Product Details

H: 1180mm
W: 750mm

Christopher Jewitt

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, Framed in Spotted Gum