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Hour of Happiness, Original Artwork by Julia Flanagan


Hour of Happiness, Original Artwork by Julia Flanagan

Original painted timber sculpture by Sydney based artist Julia Flanagan.

Working in an improvised way and drawing on her textiles making practice, Julia combines colours and patterns to create abstract pieces that are whimsical, quirky and joyful.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“My fascination with pattern and colour stems from a background in textiles making and design, as well as an interest in architectural forms. Referencing textiles and the decorative arts, in particular the Gees Bend quilt makers, my work develops through organically alluding to shapes and patterns I see in my daily travels through the suburban environment. The repetitiveness and ritual in the mark making and pattern painting utilises a methodology that is both calming and meditative whilst conversely creating vibrant, happy and whimsical abstract works.” – Julia Flanagan

Product Details

H: 450mm
W: 250mm
D: 10mm

Julia Flanagan