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Kitchen Cupboards #02, Original Artwork by Emma Lipscombe


Kitchen Cupboards #02, Original Artwork by Emma Lipscombe

An original artwork by Perth based artist Emma Lipscombe, oil on timber, framed.

Deeply immersed in design throughout her life via art, interiors, landscape, architecture and fashion, Lipscombe’s works fuse the hard-edged tangible absolute with the painterly.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“The ritual practice for me begins well before the paint is mixed with the constant search for and digestion of imagery and experience. When that inspiration arrives, the meditative process of mixing and sampling colours, and finding the right ones that work together is undertaken. Next is the application, using my hands to push the paint around is when the ritual is piqued.” – Emma Lipscombe

Product Details

H: 230mm
W: 230mm

Emma Lipscombe