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Love Story, Original Painting by Diana Miller


Love Story, Original Painting by Diana Miller

About the work:

Love Story, Original Painting by Diana Miller.

This piece is part of The Great Escape, a solo exhibition of uplifting work from Diana Miller.

Miller’s new works are expressive abstract paintings that sing with an experimental colour palette; they are simultaneously energetic and soothing. Each painterly composition is abuzz with brushstrokes in every direction, anchored within a loose puzzle of shapes – sometimes amorphous, sometimes loosely geometric – woven together with a web of free and intuitive line work.

Miller describes the work as “a way into a multitude of escapist worlds, far removed from our current collective reality and also quite removed from my previous painted work. The bright colours and often obscure compositions are intended to help transport the viewer into alternate realities, where the oppressive reality of Covid-19 is not, and freedom is a given.”

About the Artist:

Born and raised in South Africa and now living in Byron Bay, Diana was a graphic designer for a number of years before making the switch to painting in 2008. She was awarded the Byron School of Arts Graduate Award for contemporary art studies in 2018. She has held 6 solo shows to date and participated in numerous group shows and Art Prizes across Australia.

Artwork Details:

– Acrylic on Linen
– Framed in Tasmanian Oak

Watch: In the Studio with Diana Miller.

Product Details

H: 1500mm
W: 1300mm

Diana Miller

Acrylic on Linen, framed in Tasmanian Oak.