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Meaningless Nothingness, Original Artwork by Cricket Saleh


Meaningless Nothingness, Original Artwork by Cricket Saleh

Original photograph by Geelong artist Cricket Saleh, archival pigment print on fibre rag in an edition of 3. Framed in Gold.

Cricket explores the genre of Still Life, simultaneously referencing art, historical understandings of the medium and subverting it. She creates the illusion of a painted surface through considered lighting.
 Her works are crisp; simple compositions, tangible texture and moody tones.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“The physical acts involved in my photographic process are as cathartic as they are necessary. Waiting for the foliage to decay. Collecting the vessels. Steaming the ancient linens. Folding and refolding. With each body of work, the props are isolated to those I cannot leave alone. They wander in and out of each piece demanding more time. I obsess over how they are lit. How they throw shadows. Their shininess. Their mat-ness. Their right-ness.

I believe each of us makes art as exploration and truth finding. The rituals we collect that help facilitate the process, are as much an indication of the human making the art as the art itself.” – Cricket Saleh

Product Details

H: 500mm
W: 373mm



Cricket Saleh