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Monolith, Lunar Glaze Ceramic Scupture by Oh Hey Grace


Monolith, Lunar Glaze Ceramic Scupture by Oh Hey Grace

About the work:

Monolith, Lunar Glaze Ceramic Sculpture by Oh Hey Grace.

This work is part of Useful Treasures / Treasured Useless a collection of new and exclusive artist-made pieces that focus on one of two diametric concepts useful treasures and the treasured useless. Objects range from the truly functional, treasures to hold your treasures, to simply treasures to behold.

“After a series of unsettled years, our focus has been drawn inward to the home, highlighting the importance of restoring both energy and calm to the space. As we navigate our ever-changing environment, we attach memories to objects and create rituals around collecting and cherishing our items. Through reflecting on what it means to honour these small treasures and customs in our daily lives, each piece in this collection has been handcrafted to encourage playful interaction and seeks to provide a series of treasures to behold,” says Brown.

About the Artist:

Grace Brown of Oh Hey Grace creates a mix of functional and sculptural pieces using a combination of wheel thrown and hand building techniques. Influenced by geometry, contrasting textures, architectural forms and the work of M.C. Escher, her work is part functional ware and part Utopian cityscapes with labyrinth-like buildings featuring layers of geometric stairwells, sharp lines, smooth adobe domes and archways.

Artwork Details:

Exclusively available at Modern Times 
Artist-made by hand in Australia
Limited number available
Free Gift Wrap

Product Details

H: 210mm
W: 100mm
D: 100mm



Oh Hey Grace