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Moon Bathing, Original Artwork by Morgana Celeste


Moon Bathing, Original Artwork by Morgana Celeste, Paper, Plaster, Acrylic Paint, 700mm x 600mm, 2021

About the work:

Moon Bathing, Original Artwork by Morgana Celeste.

This piece is part of Chromatic Retreat, a group exhibition showcasing the work of 17 Australian artists exploring their practice within the limits of a largely achromatic palette.

“For these works I focused on the freedom of only two choices, black or white. The ease of it allowed me a meditative workflow unbroken by my usual agitations and excitement about choosing the right colour for a specific moment. To begin with I drew big open armed shapes freehand that rambled across the page, refining and tightening up as I went along. Now they’re finished, these works represent moments in my life where I’ve been awed by the push and pull between light and darkness” Celeste says.

“Winter stars in a frosty paddock bathing white blue light on wide open spaces. Everything simplified to its purest form. The privacy of darkness. None of the mess that daytime reveals. My eyes straining to make out shapes in the moonlight and seeing new imagined forms in trees, hills and paths as they morph and blur into a new landscape.”

About the Artist:

Morgana Celeste is a Melbourne-based florist and emerging artist. Combining her love of materiality and composition – and her studies in floristry and textile design – Morgana makes textural, abstract three-dimensional works that sit somewhere between painting and sculpture.

Artwork Details:

– Paper, Plaster, Acrylic
– Framed in Tasmanian Oak

Product Details

H: 700mm
W: 600mm

Morgana Celeste

Paper, Plaster, Acrylic Paint. Framed in Tasmanian Oak