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Movement 2, Original Artwork by Taj Alexander


Movement 2, Original Artwork by Taj Alexander, Synthetic Polymer and Pigment on Linen, Mounted on Wood Panel, 580mm x 580mm x 40mm, 2021

About the work:

Movement 2, Original Artwork by Taj Alexander.

This piece is part of Chromatic Retreat, a group exhibition showcasing the work of 17 Australian artists exploring their practice within the limits of a largely achromatic palette.

“Approaching this theme was a unique experiment. I identify with what some might call the ‘extremes’ of the colour spectrum. Saturation is my middle name. I tend to be seduced by rich and vivid colours. I become infatuated. A passionate affair that tends to end up fizzing out because we’ve spent too much time together. Alas, ‘there’s plenty more colour in the sea’. My story, and state of being, reflected in these passionate affairs with colour. In the absence of these tantalising refractions lies a different kind of emotion; the feeling is dry and stark, directing the visual language toward shadow, tone and grain. I felt the movement of time, movement in motion and the ephemeral nature of analogue materials, everything moving forward dissolving beautifully, steadily toward another iteration of itself,” Alexander says.

About the Artist:

Exploring abstraction and texture, Taj Alexander allows process to guide the direction, employing his knowledge of the paint medium he instinctively and methodically creates scapes of colour in a unique visual language that is both strong and evocative.

Artwork Details:

– Synthetic Polymer and Pigment on Linen
– Mounted on Wood Panel
– Framed in Tasmanian Oak

Product Details

H: 580mm
W: 580mm
D: 40mm



Taj Alexander (Deams)

Synthetic Polymer and Pigment on Linen