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Now, I Dance, Original Painting by Kubota Fumikazu


Now, I Dance, Original Painting by Kubota Fumikazu

About the work:

Now, I Dance, Original Painting by Kubota Fumikazu.

This piece is part of Talismans, Rafts, Mementosa group exhibition showcasing the work of the entire community of Modern Times artists. Throughout 2020 artists used their practice to make sense of what was happening, and this show celebrates this rich vein of creative output.

“These past few months, I have been painting small works on my kitchen table, remaining introspective and sitting through the dark winter days. Now, I dance,” says Kubota.

About the Artist:

Kubota Fumikazu’s series of compositions are a celebration of materiality of linen, colour and simple forms. Much of his work is informed by a selection of 1970s era wooden children’s building blocks, heavily focusing on the circle and sphere which represent the sun and the dawning of a new day. In this series, Kubota has played with exposing and hiding the beautiful raw linen.

Artwork Details:

– Acrylic on Linen

Product Details

H: 870mm
W: 660mm



Kubota Fumikazu