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Of The Sea, Original Painting by Colleen Guiney


Of The Sea, Original Painting by Colleen Guiney

Of The Sea, an original painting by Colleen Guiney, mixed media on board, framed in Tasmanian Oak.

Colleen Guiney is a painter based in the coastal town of Port Fairy. Colleen draws on her visual perspective and experience in design in everything she does, including her paintings which are colourful and emotionally charged with influence from her surroundings. Her paintings reflect shapes and aesthetics that are linked to her everyday routines and the nature she immerses herself in daily.

Colour is an important to Colleen as the technique and narrative. She has experimented and worked with colour for many years, and it plays a pivotal role in developing the emotional connection to a piece. She works methodically, layering and breaking up the surface with paint and pencil, adding, deleting and observing as she goes.

“I find this process soothing and evolving for my practice, and hope the result is a connection to my work with a little curiosity thrown in,’ Colleen Guiney.

Product Details

H: 600mm
W: 600mm



Colleen Guiney