Kasperraglus Outer Hero

Outer, Original Artwork by Kasper Raglus


Outer, Original Artwork by Kasper Raglus

An original painting by Victorian based artist Kasper Raglus, in oil on marine ply, framed in painted Tasmanian Hardwood.

Kasper Raglus is the unconventional artist; his work is minimalist, experimental and refined. Taking colour influence from the landscapes around his home in Torquay (mainly the cliffs and sand) Kasper translates them into contemporary geometric shapes.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“I always find my practice becomes so much more enjoyable after I have been in the ocean to go surfing. Knowing what direction the wind is and tapping into the right tides then coming home after to paint puts me in the best mind frame to come up with new ideas.” – Kasper Raglus

Product Details

H: 360mm
W: 360mm

Kasper Raglus