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Red 1, Original Artwork by Marcus Camphoo


Red 1, Original Artwork by Marcus Camphoo, Enamel on Transparency (Mining Map), 720 x 1020mm, 2021

About the work:

Red 1, Original Artwork by Marcus Camphoo.

This piece is part of The Borderers, an exhibition by the Tennant Creek Brio, presented as part of Melbourne Design Week 2022.

Self-sovereignty, culture and collaboration are at the forefront of the Tennant Creek/Jurnkurrakurr based artist collective, the Tennant Creek Brio. Founded in 2016, the collective are recognised for their multi-layered practice which speaks to both traditional and contemporary motifs derived from cultural practice, popular culture and activist based imagery.

Building upon the collective’s recent success at the 22nd Biennale of Sydney (2020), is The Borderers; the collective’s premiere gallery exhibition presented at Modern Times for Melbourne Design Week. Modern Times provides a community recognised and supported framework for Tennant Creek Brio’s impressive Melbourne exhibition debut, The Borderers, expanding upon themes in their practice to date.

About the Artists:

The Tennant Creek Brio emerged out of the Tennant Creek Men’s art program which started in 2016 as an art therapy/outreach program set up by Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corp. The group, a mix of fringe dwellers and cultural leaders, have continued to work together and often collaboratively, forming an unique and cutting edge artists collective. Their work pushes conventions, drawing on imagery and traditions from the Wirnkarra (Dreaming), the Old Testament and mythic iconography from around the world.

Artwork Details:

– Enamel on Transparency (Mining Map)
– This work is double sided

Product Details

H: 720mm
W: 1070mm

Enamel on Transparency (Mining Map)



The Tennant Creek Brio