Reveal Dianamiller Hero

Reveal, Original Painting by Diana Miller


Reveal, Original Painting by Diana Miller

An original painting by Bryon Bay based artist Diana Miller, in acrylic on board.

Working as a metaphor for the contradiction and ups and down of life, this current body of work from Diana brings together elements both physical and intangible and explores how people often need to break down in order to be put back together again.

Diana approaches painting by deconstructing and re-assembling images and focuses on shape-making through creating, breaking and re-forming elements.

This work, along with many of Diana’s recent pantings are founded in hours of paper cutting, box folding and collaging which is then reinterpreted and realised in paint. Through the process of dismantling, assembling and reconstructing, forms continuously take on new meanings, often morphing into new visual solutions.

Product Details

H: 250mm
W: 200mm

Diana Miller

Acrylic on Board