Round And Round Saxon Quinn Hero

Round and Round, Original Artwork by Saxon Quinn


Round and Round, Original Artwork by Saxon Quinn

About the work:

Round and Round, Original Artwork by Saxon Quinn.

This piece is part of Talismans, Rafts, Mementos: a group exhibition showcasing the work of the entire community of Modern Times artists. Throughout 2020 artists used their practice to make sense of what was happening, and this show celebrates this rich vein of creative output.

“Each week has felt like a repeat of the last, each conversation having similar substance and undertones. I found myself looking for the light at the end of the tunnel but also feeling very unsure of when that light would actually shine through,” says Saxon.

About the Artist:

Saxon Quinn explores the play between smooth and textured form through the use of various mediums in complementary and tactile compositions. Taking direct cues from street and focusing on the subtle patterns and placements from the world around us, Saxon explores what often goes unnoticed in our ever expanding urban environments.

Artwork Details:

– Framed in Pine
– Cement, acrylic, gesso, paste, oils, acrylic spray paint and pastels on board 

Product Details

H: 400mm
W: 400mm


Saxon Quinn