Seascape 2 Brigita Lastauskaite Hero

Seascape II, Original Artwork by Brigita La


Seascape II, Original Artwork by Brigita La

About the work:

Seascape II, Original Artwork by Brigita La.

This piece is part of Talismans, Rafts, Mementosa group exhibition showcasing the work of the entire community of Modern Times artists. Throughout 2020 artists used their practice to make sense of what was happening, and this show celebrates this rich vein of creative output.

“My pieces for this show capture the essence of my escape from lockdown to the sea. I am fortunate enough to live near the sea and going there every day for a walk or a swim was my life raft, allowing me to open up to a vast horizon, relax and be inspired,” says Brigita.

About the Artist:

Brigita La (Lastauskaite) is a Lithuanian born, Australian based artist whose multi-layered works – full of woven scribbles, splashes and the spontaneous application of paint – are akin to folkloric tapestries. Her selection of colours and materials – most often synthetic polymer paints, oil sticks, crayon and pencils – juxtapose or interlace leading to sumptuous works that immediately engage the eye.

Artwork Details:

– Acrylic on Canvas
– Framed in Tasmanian Oak

Product Details

H: 455mm
W: 455mm

Brigita La

Acrylic on Canvas, Framed in Tasmanian Oak